Enterprise Compliance

Enterprise Compliance is a centralised function to ensure the University manages its legal and regulatory compliance obligations effectively and efficiently. The University operates in a highly regulated environment and the breadth of the University’s operations means our legal and regulatory compliance obligations are extensive. The Enterprise Compliance Management Framework (ECMF) enables the University to demonstrate compliance, prevent loss, protect UQ and ultimately promote success. 

Enterprise Compliance supports you in managing your compliance obligations.

For queries in relation to Enterprise Compliance Management please contact:

Email: compliance@uq.edu.au

Phone: +61 7 33651097

Compliance register

The UQ Compliance Register (UQ login required) contains a comprehensive list of legislation and guidelines that the University must comply with. 

A summary of the Compliance Register (PDF, 153KB) can also be downloaded.

Labour hire licensing

There is a licensing scheme for the conduct of labour hire services in Queensland under the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017 (Qld). This has an impact on the use of external companies and on UQ in the provision of staff, consultants, contractors, and researchers.

Are you looking:

For a person to undertake work at UQ

To provide a UQ person to undertake work for another company



Legislation alerts and research

University staff can subscribe to Lawlex Premium to receive regulatory newsfeeds and stay aware of changing legislation.

Email compliance@uq.edu.au for a UQ Staff Lawlex Premium subscription.

Alternatively, you may research legislation using the Lawlex database via the UQ Library

Risk, compliance and governance training

Enterprise Compliance offers a staff development course in association with Enterprise Risk and Governance.

This course aims to develop participants understanding of various aspects of risk, compliance and governance including;

  • Enterprise Risk Management: what is it, why we do it and how to do it - including the practical aspects of Enterprise Risk Management, tools and techniques to identify, assess, manage and monitor risk. 

  • Insurance: what role does insurance play in risk management, what coverage does UQ have, what do the insurance companies expect from UQ risk management, when to engage the Insurance Services team

  • Compliance Management: what is enterprise compliance, what you need to be aware of and how you demonstrate compliance to ensure obligations are met

  • Governance: what is governance and why it is important, what are delegations, why do we have delegations and how does it impact the decisions that you can make.

To enquire about the next offering of this course please contact compliance@uq.edu.au