Motor vehicle insurance

Motor Vehicle insurance covers all registered vehicles owned, used or operated by the University or affiliates (including motor vehicles, scooters, motor cycles, tractors, trailers, ride-on mowers and buses), being in use on University related business whilst in Australia. UQ's policy is a comprehensive motor vehicle policy covering:

  1. Damage to UQ vehicles;
  2. Third party liability (property damage and personal injury);
  3. Damage or loss of property of Authorised Driver.

Vehicles purchased under the Staff Salary Packaging Scheme (managed by the Human Resources Division) are not insured under UQ's comprehensive motor vehicle policy. 

Claims procedure

It is expected that all University authorised drivers will adhere to all traffic regulations. In the event of an accident, the following steps should be taken at the scene of the accident, in particular if another vehicle or persons are involved: 

  • Stop and exchange names and addresses with any other party involved;
  • Record registration number and make of any other vehicle;
  • Ensure that the exact location of the accident is noted, together with times and conditions of road (e.g. slippery – following heavy rain);
  • Record names and addresses of as many witnesses as possible at the scene of the accident;
  • Report accident to Police if required to do so by State Motor Traffic Law or By-Law;
  • Discussions concerning negligence of either party involved in the accident must not be entered into. 

Call CGU's toll free number from anywhere in Australia to lodge the claim.

Policy Number: 24F2628625
Toll Free Number 24/7 132 480

CGU will take all details of the incident. At the completion of the call (about 15 minutes), you will receive:

  • The claim number relating to the incident;
  • The excess amount payable (which is normally paid to the repairer on completion of the repairs).

CGU may manage the accident and required motor vehicle repairs by:

  • Referring the claimant to a fleet preferred smash repairer;
  • Organising rental/hire cars (subject to policy terms);
  • Dealing with third party claims;
  • Arranging towing.


Standard $2,000
Age/Inexperienced Driver Nil
Windscreen/Window for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes Nil
Tractors/Trailers $100
Caravan Trailer 1% sum insured - max $1,850
Employees personal property $100


To drive UQ vehicles you must become an authorised UQ driver. Details on this process can be obtained from Fleet Services

Specific activities or journeys may require compliance with Workplace Health & Safety policies & procedures such as PPL 2.30.09 Work-Off Campus.

It is your responsibility to ensure what you are doing is properly approved and meets UQ's policies & procedures. 

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