Malpractice insurance provides the University with the right to claim protection on their own behalf, an affiliate or on behalf of a protected persons (staff/student) for their legal liability to pay damages as a result of any claim or claims made against them for bodily injury (including death) arising out of any negligent act, error or omission in relation to the provision of medical or veterinary services.

Geographical restrictions

The geographical limitation of this protection is worldwide except for North America or Canada where some exclusions may apply. 

Please note that the exclusion for North America or Canada does not apply to any liability arising out of or in any way connected with:

  • students whilst undertaking UQ authorised work experience, placement, study, research, lecture, lecture tour or other related activities in the USA or Canada as part of their study course with UQ; or
  • employees, honorary employees, contract lecturer or contract short-term course provider, who are normally resident outside the USA or Canada, visiting in the USA or Canada for the purpose of study, research (including presentation of any research paper), lecture or lecture tour if the visit or stay is carried out under the auspices of, and with the prior knowledge and consent of UQ. 

If any activities apart from the above mentioned are being undertaken in North America or Canada, please contact Insurance Services,

Claims procedure

Insurance Services should be advised of any event, inquiry or circumstance that may give rise to a claim (e.g. any writ, summons or other form of legal or arbitral process served on the University or any written or oral demand for compensation). 

UQ Legal Services should also be notified. 

Failure to promptly notify the University’s insurer of a claim may prejudice cover.