Personal accident insurance provides cover for UQ's staff, students and volunteers under the age of 100 for accidental bodily injuries while on authorised UQ activities including placements, work experience, field trips and excusions as well as direct travel to and from such activities. It excludes sporting activities.
The cover provides for lump sum benefits, loss of income and non-Medicare medical expenses.
The personal accident cover is not health insurance and is not complete compensation for loss. Negligence or liability is not an issue when a claim under the personal accident policy is being assessed. 
NOTE: additional conditions apply for those aged between 75-100 years of age.

Non-Medicare medical expenses

If a student or volunteer suffers from a Bodily Injury, the policy will reimburse the Non-Medicare Medical Expenses incurred up to a maximum of $20,000.

Non-Medicare Medical Expenses means expenses:

  1. incurred within twelve (12) months of sustaining a Bodily Injury; and
  2. paid by the student for Doctor, physician, surgeon, nurse, physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath, hospital and/or ambulance services for the following treatments:
  • Medical
  • Surgical
  • X-ray
  • Chiropractor
  • Osteopathic
  • Physiotherapy
  • Hospital
  • Nursing Treatment

but does not include dental treatment, unless such treatment is necessarily required, to teeth other than dentures and is caused by the Bodily Injury referred to in (1.) above. 

NOTE: No benefit is payable in respect of the Medicare gap, being the difference between the payment made by Medicare and the Medicare Benefits Schedule fee for the expense. Medical expenses where there is a full or partial Medicare rebate / benefit cannot be paid under this policy due to federal legislation such as the Australian Health Insurance Act. Therefore, students will be responsible for any out of pocket expenses, should they choose to be treated by a medical practitioner who does not 'bulk bill'.


  • Lump sum benefits - no excess
  • Non-Medicare medical expenses ($20,000 limit) - $50 excess

Claim procedure 

You must immediately report the incident to your Faculty/School/Institute.

  1. Complete the Personal Accident Claim Form
  2. Attach as much supporting documentation as possible, including Private Health/OSHC reimbursements, medical facility invoices and receipts.
  3. Claims should be submitted within 30 days of the incident.
  4. Submit your claim to your School/Unit Administration Area for review and authorisation.
  5. The administration area attaches a copy of the Injury, Illness, and Incident Report generated by the OH&S Online Reporting System to your claim.
  6. The administration area forwards the documentation to