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All UQ staff, contractors and consultants, are required to maintain awareness of their record keeping responsibilities, and keep and look after records in a managed way.

This involves keeping records of day to day business activities. Every business area at the university is likely to use a suite of University tailored information systems, which have been designed to facilitate or capture certain work processes. Staff obligations in regard to record keeping obligations relating to these systems should be covered as part of the on-boarding process.

For records created or captured personally in more discretionary systems, the individual has personal responsibilities to proactively ensure they are managed and stored appropriately. These discretionary systems include:

  • Network storage drives
  • OneDrive
  • Outlook – email in and out.

Contact the Records Governance Unit to discuss your particular personal information context and for hints and tips on how to manage those that are needing to be kept as records. Or check out the Records Governance FAQ page or the Know How articles that cover a variety of record keeping governance topics.



When commencing at UQ or when moving across to a new role, ensure that you are familiar with the policies and procedures that outline record keeping obligations.

Make a point of talking with your manager/supervisor about the information systems and record keeping practices required in the business area. This is a good time to plan for capturing information with record keeping as part of this plan, helping to make your obligations more seamless by design.

An individual should note that the Public Records Act 2002 (Qld) and the associated Queensland Government Records governance policy applies to the University’s operations. To assist individuals with their responsibilities, the University has a number of policies, procedures, guidelines and frameworks to support operations. Below are links to key UQ documentation that individuals should be aware of:

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Individuals are responsible for handover and/or transfer of any business records in personal working spaces before they leave the University. This is particularly important for information that records business activities or transactions that are currently only captured in OneDrive and Outlook email folders.

This is particularly important because under the Public Records Act 2002 (Qld), it would be a legislation breach to delete, destroy, and/or discard UQ records without proper authorisation.

As part of the Human Resources (HR) off-boarding process listed in the Departure Checklist Form, talk to your manager/supervisor about the information you have captured in your personal discretionary locations such as OneDrive and Outlook, to work out a plan for your records in these areas.

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