Privacy Awareness Week 2022 - "Privacy: The Foundation of Trust"

"Privacy: The Foundation of Trust" 

Whilst Privacy Awareness Week may have drawn to a close for another year, UQ continues to play an important role in respecting and protecting privacy, and in maintaining a “foundation of trust” with individuals in relation to the handling of their personal information.  

UQ handles the personal information of a wide variety of individuals, including students, staff, visitors, clinic patients, research participants, community members and more.  UQ is committed to the protection of individuals’ privacy and values the responsible handling of personal information.

Privacy is everyone’s responsibility at UQ, and we all have a part to play.

What can UQ staff do to support and enhance privacy at UQ?

  • Complete the new Privacy at UQ training module in Workday (if you haven’t done so already);
  • Read UQ’s Privacy Management Policy and Procedures for further information;
  • Consider how processes and practices in your area might be improved to strengthen the protection of individuals’ privacy (and contact UQ’s RTI & Privacy Office if you need assistance).

Additional resources: