Important Travel Insurance Information

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The UQ travel insurance policy will not respond to claims relating to or resulting from COVID-19 (coronavirus) for the following travel as this is no longer an unforeseen event/circumstance:

·         Travel to / from Hubei province booked after 5pm (AEST), 22 January 2020

·         Travel to / from mainland China booked after 9am (AEST), 2 February 2020

·         Travel to / from locations outside mainland China booked at or after 4pm (AEDT), 2 March 2020.

For travel booked prior to these dates, cover for cancellation will depend on the date of travel, the date on which you change your travel arrangements, and the situation in your travel destination at the time of making that change – please refer to the UQ Travel FAQs for further guidance.


Due to the continuing situation relating to civil unrest in Hong Kong, cover may not be available under UQ's travel insurance for travel to (or via) Hong Kong, which was booked after 5pm AEST on 15 August 2019.  On 20 August 2019 and 15 November 2019 UQ Travel advised that any travel to or via Hong Kong that is not necessary should be avoided where possible.  

Please refer to the UQ Travel website for updates on UQ Travel advice.  Where travel is to a High Risk Destination (DFAT Level 3 or 4, or where no advice has been issued), additional travel approval is required. 

Please contact Insurance Services to discuss any questions relating to travel insurance - or +61 7 3365 3075.

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