The purpose of the Project Governance Office (PGO) is to provide project, program or portfolio management tools, training and support. Our services are to uplift UQ's capability in transforming ideas to robust business cases, through to program and project executions.

Our operating model is supported by a project focused high performing team whose strategic outlook and core capabilities stretch across project governance, assurance, people, processes and technology.

The Project Governance Office (Governance & Risk) is responsible for:

  • DevelopingĀ procedures, forms, tools and templates.
  • Proactively assisting and guiding project sponsors, project owners, steering committees and project managers adopt procedures, tools, templates, including through provision of appropriate training.
  • Maintaining a database of all project proposals, projects and programs with necessary details to enable effective monitoring, and meaningful reporting and analysis.
  • Monitoring and reviewing (on a sample basis) project proposals, projects, programs and UQ-wide portfolio of projects and programs to assess the effectiveness of their governance and management controls, performance against approved plans, and progress towards benefits realisation. Results of such monitoring and reviews will be shared with relevant project stakeholders and executives.
  • Assessing the adequacy and effectiveness of procedures, tools and templates, addressing any identified deficienciesĀ and providing assurance to the executives and Senate.


The Project Governance Office undertake reviews and assurance activities on selected projects, programs and the overall UQ-wide portfolio of projects and programs to assess the effectiveness of the project/program governance and management controls, program and project performance against plans, and identify opportunities for improvement. It will also provide consolidated reports of such reviews to the executive leadership and project and program-specific reports to the project sponsors, steering committees and project managers.