New and revised

Recent new and significantly amended UQ policies and procedures are listed below.
Date last updated: 22 March 2023

Approval dateTitle
28 February 2023Access to and Amendment of UQ Documents Procedure
27 February 2023Confined Spaces Management Procedures
13 February 2023Flexible Work Policy and Procedure
31 January 2023Special Leave Procedures
31 January 2023Domestic and Family Violence and the Workplace: Support Options Available for Staff Members - Guidelines
25 January 2023Financial Management of Sponsored Students Procedure
4 January 2023Radiation Safety - Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management Procedure
4 January 2023Transport of Radioactive Materials Procedure
4 January 2023Emergency Response Plan for Radioactive Liquid Spills Procedure
4 January 2023Personal Radiation Monitoring Procedure
4 January 2023Radioisotope Fact Sheets Guideline
4 January 2023Laser Safety Procedure and Guideline
4 January 2023Management and Disposal of Radioactive Waste Procedure
21 December 2022Promotion of Academic Staff Procedure
15 December 2022Bachelor Honours Degree Procedure
13 December 2022English Language Proficiency Admission Procedure
13 December 2022Collaborative Service Teaching Policy and Procedure
13 December 2022Academic Calendar Procedure
13 December 2022Open Access for UQ Research Publications Policy
9 December 2022Respirative Protective Equipment
9 December 2022Selection, Use and Maintenance of Respiratory Protective Equipment Procedure
6 December 2022UQ and RTP Research Scholarship Procedure
5 December 2022Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Procedure
30 November 2022Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom Policy
30 November 2022Research Centres and Research Networks Policy
30 November 2022Supervisory Organisational Structure Policy
15 November 2022Digital Presence Procedure
14 November 2022Confirmation and Promotions Committee Guideline
12 November 2022Working Safely with Hydrofluoric Acid Guideline
10 November 2022Insurance Coverage and Management of Claims Procedure
4 November 2022Working Safely with Phenol Guideline
4 November 2022Storage and Handling of Gas Cylinders Guideline
1 November 2022Review of Schools Procedure
25 October 2022Storage of Chemicals in Fridges, Freezers and Cold Rooms Guideline
21 October 2022Enrolment Procedure
21 October 2022Working Safely with Engineered Nanomaterials Guideline
21 October 2022Chemical Manifest Procedure
20 October 2022Authorship Procedure
19 October 2022Borrowings Procedure
17 October 2022Travel Policy
11 October 2022Email and Bulk Messaging Procedure
7 October 2022Conflict of Interest Policy
5 October 2022UQ Event Approval and Control Procedure