The following resources give an overview of the policy landscape at UQ, and are intended to assist staff in the review, development and approval of policies and procedures.

Other resources are available below to assist staff working on policies, procedures and guidelines.

Templates and Review Tools

Use these documents to draft policies, procedures and guidelines:

Use these templates to assist with policy approval and implementation:

Use these tools/checklists to assist with the review of policies and procedures, especially for 'desktop' reviews:

This template is optional and may be used as needed:

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Compatibility Assessment: Freedom of Speech, Academic Freedom and Human Rights

New and amended policies and procedures must be assessed for compatibility with the principles of freedom of speech and academic freedom at UQ, and the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld). 

This requires submitting a Statement of Compatibility form (DOCX, 62.4 KB) to the Freedom of Speech Assessment Group so that the policy or procedure can be assessed.

The Assessment Group meets monthly and can consider out-of-session reviews if there is an urgent request.

Information about the Freedom of Speech Assessment Group (formerly 'Implementation Group') is available on the linked Compatibility Assessment page.

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Policy and Procedure Categories

UQ's policies and procedures are categorised as Governance, Academic or Operational. Different categories have different endorsement and approval requirements, as detailed in the Governance and Management Framework Policy.

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Common Terms

A list of common terms used across UQ policies and procedures (UQ login required).

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