ProTRAC is UQ's Project Portfolio Management System and is owned and maintained by the PGO.

The PGO is responsible for maintaining UQ's central database of relevant and reliable information for all project proposals, business cases, projects, programs and oversight of the overall UQ-wide project portfolio. 

Contact the PGO to discuss enhancements or functionality requirements for ProTRAC. Enhancements are prioritised and planned each month.

ProTRAC Financial Module

Guide/ResourceDescriptionLast RevisedNext Review Date
QRG - Go Live Guide (PDF, 398KB)Quick Reference Guide for getting started in the ProTRAC Financial Module04/04/2022NA
QRG - Navigation (PDF, 307KB)Quick Reference Guide for navigating the project view in the ProTRAC Financial Module28/03/202228/03/2023
QRG - Program Navigation (PDF, 319KB)Quick Reference Guide for navigating the program view in the ProTRAC Financial Module28/03/202228/03/2023
QRG - Enter a purchase forecast (PDF, 295KB)Quick Reference Guide for entering a purchase forecast28/03/202228/03/2023
QRG - Update forecast against purchase orders and blanks (PDF, 289KB)Quick Reference Guide for updating forecast/s against existing purchase orders and blank purchase lines28/03/202228/03/2023
QRG - Enter a labour forecast (PDF, 383KB)Quick Reference Guide for entering a labour forecast28/03/202228/03/2023
QRG - View and download transaction details (PDF, 340KB)Quick Reference Guide for viewing and download actuals transaction details28/03/202228/03/2024
QRG - View and export status reports (PDF, 579KB)Quick Reference Guide for viewing and exporting the Enterprise Report Suite04/04/202204/04/2023
QRG - Export financial summary report (PDF, 307KB)Quick Reference Guide for exporting a  financial summary report28/03/202228/03/2023


Guide/ResourceDescriptionLast RevisedNext Review Date
PM Induction - Quick Links & Support (PDF, 230KB)Quick Reference Guide for attendees of PM Induction course27/07/202030/09/2020
How to complete monthly Status Updates (PDF, 606KB)How to complete your monthly status update in ProTRAC10/04/202201/01/2023
Setting Milestones (PPTX, 3.4MB)How to set milestones in your ProTRAC record schedule19/05/202030/09/2020
Scheduling (PPTX, 3.9MB)How to set a basic schedule in your ProTRAC record2/06/202030/09/2020
Adding team members to your project (PDF, 357KB)How to add team members to your ProTRAC record19/05/202030/09/2020
Connect ProTRAC to Project Professional (PDF, 235KB)How to connect ProTRAC to Project Professional desktop client. 25/05/202030/09/2020
Edit Project Schedule in Project Professional (PDF, 309KB)How to edit your project schedule in Project Professional desktop client. Must connect ProTRAC to Project Professional first (see above QRG).25/05/202030/09/2020
Request for New Project Record (DOCX, 99KB)For use by PMO Managers/Portfolio Managers ONLY. Please see New Project Requests for more information.23/07/202031/01/2021
ProTRAC Workflow & Data Glossary (PDF, 255KB)Descriptions of the workflow stages, statuses and exit criteria in ProTRAC.09/03/202109/03/2022


The Project Governance Office is currently in the process of moving their induction course Project Governance Policies, Procedures & Systems Training to online delivery via Workday. Please check back for regular updates.

Please contact the Project Governance Office with any queries or training requests.


Please contact the PGO with any support requests.

1. Obtain a Project Online license

New starters or those new to a project role will need to obtain a Project Online license. The PGO can provide a Project Essentials license; requests should be emailed to A Project Essentials license will allow users basic functionality and interaction through the Project Online web interface.

If you require Project Professional, purchase through UQeMarket and liaise with ITS for installation. Project Professional allows users to edit their project records through the desktop application, with some enhanced features (such as more complex scheduling).

2. Obtain access to your project record

Records within ProTRAC are restricted. Access is often granted when the record is set up, however there are instances when a PM will start after the record has been generated. Email access requests to with approval from the Project Owner, Project Sponsor or Program/Project Manager. This includes any requests for reporting (e.g. Project Status Reports).

All projects records in ProTRAC are created by the PGO. All projects upon creation will be allocated to the relevant PMO/Portfolio Manager. 

To request a new project, complete the Request for New Project Record (UQ login required) and send to the Project Governance Office, along with a copy of the signed/endorsed Business Case. No record will be created unless the form is complete.

In most cases this form will be completed by a PMO/Portfolio Manager or equivalent, however if your Organisational Unit does not have someone in this role, please contact us in the first instance to discuss your requirements.