Personal Information Register

The University of Queensland (UQ) works to enable our students and staff to become leaders within their communities by creating an environment for learning and discovery in which they can develop and fulfil their aspirations, that rewards excellence, openness and innovation and encourages widespread engagement with our local and global communities. 

 In meeting these objectives, the UQ collects, stores and uses personal information of staff, students, and other individuals. The University has obligations under the Information Privacy Act 2009 to safeguard the handling of personal information. Personal information collected and held by UQ falls into the following categories:

  • Student records;
  • Staff records;
  • Financial and business records;
  • Information technology systems personal information;
  • Human research participant personal information; and
  • Community links.

The records are maintained for periods controlled by the General Retention and Disposal Schedule for Queensland Universities issued under the authority of the Queensland State Archivist under section 13 of the Public Records Act 2002. The procedures by which individuals may obtain access to information about themselves are outlined in the Access to and Amendment of UQ Documents Procedures.

Right to Information & Privacy Office

For RTI & Privacy enquiries, please contact:

Justin Rofe
RTI & Privacy Manager
Ph:        +61 7 3443 1148