Policies and procedures

UQ’s policies and procedures are documented controls containing mandatory requirements to enable effective and efficient governance and management across UQ.

What are policies?

Policies are developed, adopted and managed to realise one or more of the following:

  • support the achievement of UQ’s objectives and strategic priorities;
  • give effect to directions or advice from Senate, the Vice-Chancellor or the Academic Board (subject to approval from the Vice-Chancellor);
  • manage significant strategic or financial risks; or
  • demonstrate compliance with applicable laws, regulations, mandatory government policies/standards, legal obligations and mandatory professional standards.

Policies are categorised into Governance, Academic and Operational policies and have UQ-wide application.

Governance policies

Governance policies relate to the Senate’s reserved powers and governance responsibilities.

Academic policies

Academic policies govern the University’s teaching, learning and research functions and their supporting strategies and activities. Unless reserved by the Senate, these policies are approved by the Vice-Chancellor and President based on advice and recommendations from the relevant member of the Vice-Chancellor’s Committee (VCC), and after considering any advice from the Academic Board. 

Operational policies

Operational policies govern the University’s corporate/administrative and non-academic functions and their strategies and activities. These policies are approved by the Vice-Chancellor and President (unless reserved by the Senate) based on advice and recommendations from the relevant member of the VCC.

What are procedures?

Procedures describe processes and activities that help to reach the outcomes defined in their parent policies. Procedures are categorised based on the categorisation of the parent policy. Compliance with procedures is mandatory.


Policies and procedures library

Senate Rules

Senate rules have an equivalent status to UQ Policies and are not statutory instruments.  The University is in the process of transitioning all Senate rules into the Policy and Procedures Library.