To support project reporting to the Chief Operating Officer (COO), the Project Governance Office (PGO) requires Project Managers to complete monthly updates of their project's financial, status and schedule records. 

If you require any assistance updating your project record, please email

Verification of finances

All project financials are provided by the Finance team. Please verify your project financials via the PowerBI report embedded within your projects Financial page.

If you are unable to verify the finances (i.e. the figures do not match), you should contact your local Management Accountant (MA) for assistance. Contact the Central Finance Advisory team if you do not know who your MA is.

Status Update

The status update should be kept in line with your steering committee reports. Please use the Status page within your project record.

The Project Performance and Monitoring Criteria and Tolerances are available within the page for ease of reference (see Guidance Notes), and are also available on the Project Governance website (UQ login required).

The PGO take a snapshot of the data within the Status Update fields to support historical reports, so remove excess data and leave only your recent update.

Project Overall Status

  • Overall Status – overall performance status of the program/project
  • Forecast Finish Date – expected date to complete
  • Percent Complete – how far you have progressed, enter a value between 0 and 100
  • Performance Commentary – provide key messages only for your program/project update. Limit to 400 characters.

Project Performance (Current Status)

  • Select performance indicator for each of the performance criteria:
    • Schedule
    • Scope
    • Budget
    • Risks
    • Issues
    • Quality
    • Resources
    • Stakeholder and Communication
    • Change Management
    • Benefits Realisation
  • Commentary by Exception (Action to Green) – commentary outlining Project Managers action plan to reduce status from red or amber to green. Limit to 400 characters.

Project Commentary (Current Status)

  • Work Accomplished – work accomplished this reporting period
  • Work Planned – work planned for next reporting period

Project Schedule

Don’t forget to update and publish your schedule if you need to make changes.